Domestic and international transport
Specialist transport of liquid chemicals by tank semi-trailers, tank containers and loading platform semi-trailers.

Zaklad Transportu Samochodowego „Autozat” Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Kwiatkowskiego 8
33-101 Tarnów

ZTS Autozat Ltd. exists as an independent economic subject on goods transportation market since 1995.
Our company has a long-term experience in transporting chemical goods and products including hazardous goods (ADR). Our services are of highest European standards. We effect most complicated transport assignments. All of our transportation sets are fully insured and we also have carrier liability insurance for domestic and international transport. We have the pleasure to cooperate with many renowned customers on long-term agreements that enable constant improvement of our services. We are mostly engaged in providing security along with our services as well as environment protection.
Our employees are our most valuable asset - with long-term experience, most knowledgeable about the secrets of hazardous products transportation and the logistic aspects of chemical plants functioning.